About Elisabeth

I was born and bred in Scotland and after living in many other places around the United States, I now live in the Seattle area. I love taking photographs of nature and the landscape around Seattle including, of course, the ocean, mountains and forests.

I got my first digital camera in 2004 and have been digital only since 2005. I love taking my camera with me on my outdoor adventures; I think looking for photographs helps me to see differently and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors even more than I already do.

I enjoy looking at a wide variety of photographs (and art) as inspiration for my own work. One of the best ways I have found to learn how to take better photographs, is to pick a photo or an artist that I like and try to emulate them for a little while. Ever artist needs to develop their own style, but you can learn a lot by copying too!

Photography is just my hobby; my day job is developing online training for O'Reilly Media. I've also written books for O'Reilly. My background is in computer science and I have recently learned how to program apps for the iPhone and iPad, which is a lot of fun.