Favorite Photos

Dal Beg is a tiny community on the west coast of Lewis. At the end of a small road, just past a cottage, a gorgeous beach is hidden. White sand, beautiful rocks, dramatic cliffs; it's a wonderful, hidden away place.

Dal Beg Beach
Beach at Dal Beg, Lewis. One of my favorite beaches in Lewis, this little jewel is tucked away down a small road off the main road and is usually deserted. There is a small white cottage at the end of the raod, and a beautiful small loch just beyond the beach that is filled with water lillies in the summer time.

The Morven Art Gallery is in an old stone farmhouse that has been beautifully restored, and features a tea room with wonderful cakes and teas. All the art in the gallery is by local artists and most often depicts local scenes or is related to the local culture. It's one of my favorite places to go for tea. And behind the gallery is a large field with usually one or two pony's grazing amongst the sheep.

White pony at Morven Gallery
White pony at Moven Art Gallery in Barvas, Lewis. Morven Gallery is one of my favorite art galleries on the island. They have beautiful art by local artists, as well as a lovely tea room where you can get tea, coffee and different cakes and pies.