Common Spotted Wild Orchid at the Butt of Lewis.

Spotted Wild Orchid. These beautiful flowers grow in the machair near the shore.

Abandoned House

An abandoned house in Cromore, in South Lochs, Lewis. This is a beautiful small community nestled amongst small hills and both fresh and sea lochs. Loch Cromore has a dun (fort) on a small island, Dun Cromore.

Beach View

A wave crashing on the beach at Port of Ness. The water at the beach is a beautiful blue-green color that is absolutely specacular when the sun shines on it. For this photograph, I use a longer shutter speed so I could capture the motion of the wave.

Butt of Lewis Cliffs, 1

Cliffs at the Butt of Lewis. The cliffs at this part of the island are dramatic, with large drop-offs, and there are many sea birds that nest along the cliffs.

Butt of Lewis Cliffs, 2

Cliffs at the Butt of Lewis.

Butt of Lewis Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis. Built in 1862, it was manned by a lighthouse keeper until 1998, when it was fully automated. The old residence buildings were recently repainted and the council is trying to figure out what to do with them. My vote is for a tea room with hot tea and buttery scones.

Cairn at the Butt of Lewis

Me and my Dad at the Cairn. As you walk south from the Butt of Lewis towards Eoropie, you go through a gate and walk through some boggy ground before reaching this spot on a point overlooking the ocean and the northern beach at Eoropie. It is about 20 minute walk from the lighthouse.

Croft Peat Stack, 1

Peat stack at the croft. Peat is used by many villagers to heat their houses throughout the year. It is cut by hand on the moor each summer, dried, and then stacked for the winter.

Croft Peat Stack, 2

Peat stack at the croft. Peat is cut in early summer and left to dry. Once dried, it's gathered and then stored in these stacks at the croft.

Dal Beg Beach

Beach at Dal Beg, Lewis. One of my favorite beaches in Lewis, this little jewel is tucked away down a small road off the main road and is usually deserted. There is a small white cottage at the end of the raod, and a beautiful small loch just beyond the beach that is filled with water lillies in the summer time.

Eoropie Beach

Beautiful beach at Eoropie, Lewis. Eoropie is a lovely short walk from Port of Ness, through Knockaird and Fivepenny.

Eoropie View

View from Eoropie, Lewis. Eoropie is a lovely short walk from Port of Ness, through Knockaird and Fivepenny. Eoropie boasts a beautiful beach and sand dunes which attract many visitors.

Old House, 1

An old, abandoned cottage in Port of Ness. Many crofters move into newer homes built on their properties and leave the old homes to crumble. It is interesting to see the generations of houses on the land as people have moved from black houses to concrete, more modern houses.

Old House, 2

Another old, abandoned cottage in Port of Ness. I love the texture of the stone next to the grasses in this picture, and the black and white version of the image brings that texture out more.

Peat Moor

The peat moor where Port of Ness villagers cut peat.

Port of Ness

A gray and misty day walking into Port of Ness, Lewis. Port of Ness is the northern-most village on the island of Lewis, and has a post office, a restaurant and a harbor.

Ragged Robin at the Butt of Lewis

Ragged Robin.

Red Tractor

Red tractor on the road to the Post Office. Rob drives his tractor to the Post Office every Monday morning to get his pension check.

St. Moluag's Church

An old church at Eoropie, Lewis. Originally built in the 12th century, it was one of the earliest churches on the islands. It was restored in the 1920's.

The Castle

Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. This beautiful castle sits at the center of the city and is where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI in 1566. Later, in 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie tried to take the castle from King George II, but failed. Now it is a major tourist attraction and the site of the Military Tattoo.

White pony at Morven Gallery

White pony at Moven Art Gallery in Barvas, Lewis. Morven Gallery is one of my favorite art galleries on the island. They have beautiful art by local artists, as well as a lovely tea room where you can get tea, coffee and different cakes and pies.

Wildflowers at the Butt of Lewis

Pink Sea Thrift on the cliffs at the Butt of Lewis. This flower was in full bloom when I arrived in Lewis. It grows primarily in the machair near the shoreline (rather than in boggy ground) and is a beautiful light pink color.

Wind Farm

Wind Turbine on Lewis, near South Lochs. One of three large turbines installed on the island so far. The wind turbines are very controversial with the islanders.